Our Proposal

Independent assessment, renovations,
local jobs and a land trust

Neglect in Herongate

Mapping neglect through
citizen journalism

How to Destroy a Neighbourhood

Nobody spends $200-million
without a 10-year plan

How to Fight Back

Our sustained collective strength
shows we will not give up

The Story of Herongate

A story of corporate lies, evictions and
collective organizing as told by one tenant

Herongate is the neighbourhood with the highest level of core housing need* in Ottawa. Almost half of all residents live in unaffordable and insecure conditions. Now, low and moderate income people are facing homelessness and displacement because their houses are being demolished, making way for "resort-style apartments." How did we end up with such a crisis? Would you be surprised to know that one company controls 92% of all the residential land in Herongate, home to around 4,000 people?

Check out our proposal for how we can save Herongate. Explore the current state of housing in our neighbourhood.

*Source: 2016 Census

A Household Is in Core Housing Need If…
its housing does not meet one or more of the adequacy, suitability or affordability standards, and it would have to spend 30% or more of its before-tax income to access acceptable local housing.
Source: https://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/en/hoficlincl/observer/observer_044.cfm