In the summer of 2017, the City of Ottawa engaged in a community consultation initiative called Building Better Revitalized Neighbourhoods or BBRN for short.

  • We want to work with the City to continue its BBRN process;
  • The BBRN is a great opportunity for the community to have a real impact on not just what 1770 Heatherington will look like, but on the overall vision of the neighbourhood;
  • A CLT would bridge the gap between our neighbourhood and our neighbours, such as Alta-Vista, as its membership would be inclusive and based on an understanding of mutual wellbeing;
  • We want to continue the planning process with an intensive participatory approach;
  • We will work with the community, the City and urbz, an international urban collective, to use the momentum initiated by Councillor Diane Deans and the information gathered through BBRN to develop the Neighbourhood Revitalization Plan;
  • This process involves establishing a presence in the neighbourhood to build relationships with fellow residents and tap into local and experiential knowledge;
  • While our group has the necessary deep roots and connections in the neighbourhood, urbz has direct experience with community-level engagement from over 10 years of international practice in participatory planning and architecture and can provide different perspectives and expertise to creatively co-design a plan with realistic and relevant goals for a high quality project while including all stakeholders.

We believe our work in Heatherington is absolutely necessary to build trust and strengthen not just our community but the larger area. Heatherington is where many of us have spent the vast majority of our lives and we now see the potential for positive change and the beginning of a healing process.

2018-01 BBRN Heatherington Strategy

2017-09-20 Champions Table Minutes

2017-09-14 Heatherington BBRN Executive Summary

2017-06-01 Heatherington BBRN Community Consultation Report