A Map of Landowners in Heatherington–Herongate

People often blame the low-income residents of Herongate and Heatherington for the neighbourhood’s problems. But how can they be held responsible when 31% of all the land is owned by corporate landlords? These entities hold the power in the area, and they are directly responsible for the disrepair, neglect and mistrust we see in our neighbourhood. It’s time for an alternative form of non-profit ownership so the community can finally have a voice at the planning table. It’s time for a community land trust!

Breakdown of the landowners in Heatherington–Herongate

  • Grey is corporate landlords – they own 31% of the land
  • Purple is private condos – makes up 20% of the land
  • Light brown is private commercial – makes up 18% of the land
  • Yellow is Ottawa Community HousingOCH owns 13% of the land
  • Green is parks – 10% of the land is city parkland
  • Red is 1770 Heatherington – 3% is OUR FUTURE!
  • Blue is City-owned residential land – 3% includes Residential Services and a housing co-operative
  • Orange is private non-profit (mosque, church, school) – only 2.5% of the land is owned by private non-profit organizations


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